Sunday, 13 March 2011

I’m a green consumerist

I am a green consumerist. I live in a semidetached house with all the modern conveniences such as electricity, plumbing, a telephone, even Internet access. I grew up in the city so I certainly cannot live without them. However, I make sure my electrical gadget do not contain anything likely to harm the ozone.
Unfortunately, I buy nearly everything I use but I make sure that I use green products which are environmentally friendly. For instance, I buy biodegradable garbage bags, detergents and cereal in recyclable boxes. I take a cloth bag to the mini-market. I cannot grow my own vegetables because I do not have the space or the know-how. I try to buy organically-grown vegetables although they are expensive. I am very aware of how goods are made and how they are packaged.
I definitely disapprove of the modern consumer lifestyle which people always wanting and buying more things. I am surely not a throwaway buyer. I keep my home appliances until they break down! Like most Malaysians, I have a car but I try to use public transport as often as possible. My main concern is that manufacturers are damaging the environment, not cutting down on wastage and not conserving our planet’s limited natural resources.

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